Personal and expert advice

You can contact us for personal and expert advice. It is also possible to fit in at the Equestor location by appointment.

The Equestor saddles are individually and custom made in our workshop in England. We therefore do not charge extra for adjustments such as color combination, sweat blade length, wrong thickness, etc.


Equestor Volante

Available since 2014.

This dressage saddle is more suitable for classical dressage and dressage on a higher level. Higher, but soft rolls, deep and more narrow seat gives you a confident and comfortable feeling.

Short panels so more suitable for short-back horses.

Girthstraps and stirrup bars are adjustable. So the saddle can be adjusted to rider and horse.

Personal alterations can always be discussed as well as colors.

Price € 2.500,=


Equestor David De Wispelaere

In cooperation with dressage expert David de Wispelaere Equestor has developed a spectacular close contact saddle. Its perfect fit will give your horse optimal shoulder freedom and the ergonomically shapes panels filled with wool and foam will conform to the horses back. The rider’s weight is evenly distributed and pressure points or even muscle atrophies will be prevented. An important detail is the single flap which gives even more close contact with the horse. The wide gullet and panels make this saddle very suitable for the rounder-backed horse. This is the ultimate saddle for the ambitious competition rider.

Also available in GP

Price € 2.500,=

Equestor Movimentá

This dressage saddle has been developed together with Bastiaan de Recht (Maestro Alta Scuola). The broad but short panels are filled with foam and wool for optimal pressure distribution on the horses back. The design of the panels gives the horse even more shoulderfreedom. More freedom to move in the withers, breast, spine  and back. Girthstraps and stirr up bars are adjustable. The saddle can be adjusted to the rider to create the most comfortable seat.

Especially for round-backed horses, short-backed horses, well musceled horses. Muscle atrophie will be restored within short time. Recommended by trainers, instructors and vets.

Also available with pads on flap

Price € 2.500,=


Equestor Trail

A great saddle for the recreational rider! This saddle also supports the rider for dressage work or to jump a fence. It also is designed to carry heavy packing for extended trail rides without compromising the horse’s spine. The saddle has extended thick panels filled with the popular gelfoam and wool for optimal pressure distribution on the horse’s back and has an extreme soft seat.

 Price € 2.300,=


Equestor Event

The Event is a very comfortable jumping saddle in which most riders feel immediately “at home”. Extended panels for a secure fit. Special leather incorporated for extra grip on seat and knee rolls.

Panels filled with gelfoam and wool for optimal pressure distribution.


Price € 2.300,=

Equestor Levada

Due to a very inventive design it supports the riders’ posture and quiet leg, without feeling restricted. As with every Equestor saddle it was designed to give optimal room to the horse’s spine and shoulder for freedom of movement. It will encourage the horse to engage and help to develop his topline. 

Panels are filled with a combination of wool and gelfoam for optimal pressure distribution and made of the finest leather.

Suitable for short backed horses.

Also available in GP

Price € 2.300,=


Ik heb dit zadel bij mijn paard gekocht. De vorige eigenaresse van het paard was gelukkig genegen om het aan mij te verkopen. Wat een fijn zadel is dit. Sinds ik dit zadel heb nooit geen pijn meer.


– groetjes Karen

Dank zij jou kan mijn vrouw Hanneke weer genieten van haar paard. Met het Equestor zadel is zowel haar rug als het rug van haar paard weer gelukkig! Ook ik ben heel content hoe je voor mij en mijn paard het beste zadel hebt verzorgd


– Dank je wel. Simon

Ruby begint heel lekker te lopen onder het zadel. Langzamerhand begint hij los te laten en geeft zelf aan dat hij wil draven dat deed hij echt nooit. Ook ontspant hij veel beter als ik buiten rijd, goed hé. Ik ben er ontzettend blij mee en hoop nu verder te komen.


– groetjes, Nathas…