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Equestor saddles are distinguished from most saddles by their horse-friendliness. They all carry over a (up to twice) larger carrying surface and have ergonomically shaped cushions with shock-absorbing material, which perfectly follow the lines of the back. The Equestor saddles distribute the rider’s weight optimally and virtually no pressure points can arise.

Pressures and atrophic changes are prevented. If these problems have occurred in the past, already dead muscle tissue can return when using an Equestor saddle. As a total collection, Equestor’s saddles offer an excellent starting point for working on improving the working conditions of your horse.



The latest addition to Equestor is the Volante. A dressage saddle more suitable for higher dressage … read more

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Equestor David De Wispelaere

Revolutionary close-contact dressage saddle developed together with David de Wispelaere. Therapeutic effect at… read more

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This dressage saddle is the successor of the Movimentá. The Movimiento distinguishes itself from other saddles… read more

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Equestor Contour Master

This dressage saddle was the first Equestor saddle to be introduced about 20 years ago. The saddle then became… read more

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A tough outdoor riding saddle for versatile use, equipped with a deep, yet independent, softly padded seat. In the design… read more

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A very comfortable jumping saddle that most riders feel right at home in. The large support surface with extra shock absorber in the… read more

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Equestor De Wispelaere GP

Revolutionary close-contact all purpose saddle developed together with David de Wispelaere. Therapeutic effect in horses… read more

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Equestor Freestyle Barebackpad

Developed together with Emiel Voest the Freestyle bareback pad, made of merino sheep wool with leather pads and handle… read more

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Equestor International

Nowadays we are more than active not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Ukraine, Taiwan and America.

100% quality saddles

The starting point for every design is the flexible tree that follows the backline in the longitudinal direction for as long as possible for optimal bearing capacity. Enormous freedom of shoulder and withers, larger support surface and all the space for the spine ensure that the horse can actually perform without hindrance!

Virtually all horses respond positively to this overall pressure relief and increased range of motion.

I bought this saddle with my horse. Fortunately, the horse's previous owner was happy to sell it to me. What a nice saddle this is. Since I have this saddle never no pain.


– greetz Karen

The saddle is great and you can see that my horse is also fine with it. It is not 100% in order yet, but the saddle will certainly help with the recovery. Thank you very much for your comments. I call that service! PS That saddler has been making very beautiful and light custom saddles for 40 years, especially for show jumping riders. So I just asked what he thought of my saddle. He shook his head and said, this saddle of mine here is a Maserati, you have a Rolls Royce, that's very nice too, but nothing for me. You understand that I am now completely satisfied with my purchase.


Greetz, Hans

You went to my stable a few weeks ago to look at my saddle and you also had to adjust it a bit. Well we had some injuries and some accidents so I haven't been able to do much yet, but since the beginning of this week I have been able to pick up riding again and I just wanted to let you know that it really is an improvement ! It is really much better and she reacts much less angry. So thank you for coming, it was certainly not for nothing!


Gr. Marita

Why a good saddle is important?


Few saddles really lie well on the horse for which they are intended. Careful estimates indicate that about 80% of the saddles used cause problems…read more

Pressure points are created -the word says it all- by too much pressure, so rider weight, on too small a surface. You eventually recognize them by the white hair. But then the damage has already been done… read more

Unfortunately, many saddles have a much too narrow room (the space between the cushions) if the cushions are also filled too hard, you have the dolls dancing…read more.

A horse that turns away from you when you arrive with the saddle gives a signal. A horse that bites with girth too. Running away with take-off is one of them. And with flight behavior…read more

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Who is Equestor?

Marijs Hoogenraad

Responsible for sales in the Netherlands.
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Jessica Eckelkamp

Responsible for sales in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and South Netherlands.
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Inge Zwan

Responsible for the purchase and product development of the Equestor saddles.
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