Equestor De Wispelaere

Revolutionary close-contact dressage saddle developed together with David de Wispelaere. Therapeutic effect on horses with serious back problems due to the optimal pressure distribution, stable position and cushions filled with partly foam and partly wool. Horse can be ridden fantastically on the seat, with little help a lot of effect is achieved.

Price: € 2.950,–


Equestor De Wispelaere GP

Saddle as above, but in a light versatility version.

Various color combinations possible.

Price: € 2.900,=

Several photos of the Equestor De Wispelaere:

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The starting point for every design is the flexible tree that follows the backline in the longitudinal direction for as long as possible for optimal bearing capacity. Enormous shoulder and withers freedom, larger support surface and plenty of space for the spine ensure that the horse can actually perform without hindrance!

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