Equestor Movimiento

This dressage saddle is the successor of the Movimentá that was developed at the time together with Bastiaan de Recht. The Movimiento has been slightly modified in design but not in features. The saddle distinguishes itself from other saddles by:

  • Cushions with a wider support surface and filled with foam (with pressure distributing properties) and wool for optimal pressure distribution;
  • Cushions that leave the shoulder blade even more free due to the adjusted length to give the horse more freedom of movement. Offers a more stable position, especially for horses with much front;
  • More freedom of movement of the shoulder, withers, back and thoracic vertebrae;
  • Girth thrusts, twists and even the stirrup hooks are adjustable. In this way, a free and balanced seat can be ensured with an optimal pressure distribution and balance.

Offers a solution for horses with back problems or to prevent back problems. Suitable for sport horses and baroque horses.

Price: € 2.950,–

Several photos of the Equestor Movimenta:

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The starting point for every design is the flexible tree that follows the backline in the longitudinal direction for as long as possible for optimal bearing capacity. Enormous shoulder and withers freedom, larger support surface and all the space for the spine ensure that the horse can actually perform without hindrance!

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