Freestyle Barebackpad

The Freestyle bareback pad was developed together with Emiel Voest. It is made of merino sheep wool with leather trims and leather handle. The bareback pad is used to alternate the saddle to develop an independent seat because the movements of the horse can be followed even more. You not only feel the movement, but also the use of the back and tension and relaxation of the horse, so that you can develop your balance better. Safe and comfortable riding without a saddle without back or wither problems.
Price € 215,= incl. singel

Several photos of the Equestor Freestyle Barebackpad:

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The starting point for every design is the flexible tree that follows the backline in the longitudinal direction for as long as possible for optimal bearing capacity. Enormous shoulder and withers freedom, larger support surface and all the space for the spine ensure that the horse can actually perform without hindrance!

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